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Award Winning
[vcex_icon_box heading=”20% Discount Available” heading_weight=”500″ icon_type=”linecons” heading_size=”18px” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-like” heading_color=”#222222″]Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles provides economical bail bonds in the form of a 20% discount off premium of the bail to the following groups of people:

Represented by a private attorney

Active Work Union Members

Active Military Personnel & Veterans

AARP Members[/vcex_icon_box]

[vcex_icon_box heading=”Low Down Payment Options” heading_weight=”500″ icon_type=”linecons” heading_size=”18px” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-banknote” heading_color=”#222222″]Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles finds that the Cost of Bail Bonds in Los Angeles is becoming more and more overwhelming for families. Most cannot pay the full 10% premium up front. Therefore Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles works with families to develop a reasonable down payment option. We looks for compensating factors like being a homeowner, provide some type of collateral, employment history and ability to pay. Most of the time we can offer a low down payment and affordable monthly payment plan.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_spacing]
[vcex_icon_box heading=”0% financing payment plans” heading_weight=”500″ icon_type=”linecons” heading_size=”18px” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-banknote” heading_color=”#222222″]Along with a low down payment Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles works with you to develop a reasonable and affordable payment plan that can work out for both Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles and our clients. These affordable payment plans are always offer with 0% financing (O.A.C.).

To qualify for Bail Bond Financing you don’t necessarily have to have good credit. Just contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles to see if you qualify for this and more Bail Bonds Payment Options.[/vcex_icon_box]

[vcex_icon_box heading=”Signature Bonds” heading_weight=”500″ icon_type=”linecons” heading_size=”18px” icon_linecons=”vc_li vc_li-note” heading_color=”#222222″]Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles knows the crucial moment our economy is facing, leaving many people unable to provide collateral, thus making it more difficult to qualify for a bail bond. Not with Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles. We provide a fair and creative solution to every bail bond situation that arises. We look for compensating factors (time in California, severity of crime, employment etc…) that will allow us to write the bond on just a signature “Signature Bond” without putting up any collateral in most cases*.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_spacing]
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Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles is a local bail bonds company with agents who have acquired over 15 years of experience by working in both corporate and family owned atmospheres.  Be assured Bail Unit Bail Bonds Los Angeles will provide you with the professionalism of a corporate company along with the customer service and attention of a family owned business. Based in Los Angeles County currently serving the following counties efficiently: Los Angeles Bail Bonds, Orange County Bail Bonds, Ventura Bail Bonds

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We understand most people have never been in this situation before, which can be frightening and confusing. Our professional and confidential Los Angeles Bail Bonds Service will help alleviate the stress of having a loved one in Jail. We have well trained Bail Bond Agents that can discuss your specific situation and provide expert advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Bail Unit Bail Bond’s paperless process, we can dramatically shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the bail bond process. Your loved one should not spend any more time in custody than necessary. What’s important here is to get reunited with your loved one as soon as possible, like our slogan says, “Family Bonds Together!”

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