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Who is Bail Unit Bail Bonds – Mission Statement

Bail Unit Bail Bonds Inc aspires to the highest professional standards. We make every effort to be the leading provider of Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Bail Unit Bail Bonds therefore embraces: promptness, courtesy, reliability, flexibility, discretion, and creativity to provide its clients with a robust range of bail services. Moreover, Bail Unit Bail Bonds Inc firmly believes the following:

  • Compliance and Ethical performance - complying with all laws and bail bond guidelines, as well as conducting business in an honest and ethical way.
  • Confidentiality is our priority – bail is not often a source of great pride. We take all reasonable measures to protect our clients’ privacy.
  • Customer satisfaction - We believe that a satisfied customer will never hesitate to refer us when family or friends are in need.
  • Clear and patient communication – With respect and understanding, we answer all questions and concerns regarding the bail bond process.
  • Honesty and fairness – We will always deal with our clients in the most honest and forthright manner possible. We will never try to add unexpected bail bond fees or charges.

Los Angeles Bail Bondsmen

All of our bail bondsmen are licensed California bail bondsmen and are committed in serving our clients promptly. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get the Bail Bond process done nowso that you or your loved one can be freed from jail today.

We have an excellent customer service team. Who are ready and able to answer your questions. Like what are bail bonds? How does the bail bonds process work?. Our team is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Fianzas en Espanol

Bail Bond Services

Bail Unit Bail Bonds Inc strives to make the following services available to its clients:

  • 24 hours Bail Bond Service  - Whenever you need us, 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will walk you through the entire bail bond process.
  • Mobile Bail Bonds – We come to you at home, work, jail, or any other location, we can make things easier and convenient.
  • Bail Bonds by fax or email - Electronic Paperwork can Dramatically shorten bail bond process time and is also good for the environment.
  • 20% Discount – For Private Attorneys, Union Members, Military & AARP Members.
  • Payment plans and 0% financing – We can work with you to develop a payment plan,as long as can you qualify for it.
  • Locating Inmates – If you don’t know where an inmate is jailed, we can help you find your loved one free of charge.
  • Fast Bail Bonds Approval – We can approved a bail bond with just a quick phone call.  Providing you with the promptest service possible.

Contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds today via phone at 877.224.5177 or email Contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds and let us help you post bail and get your loved one out of jail today!

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“Why can’t all the other bail bond companies be like Bail Unit Bail Bonds? These guys make everything so easy, from their clearcut explanations to their huge network of bail bond agents and lightning-quick speed. If you’re going to bail someone out from a California Jail, Bail Unit Bail Bonds should definitely be your first choice.” Tracy M.

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