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Carson Bail Bonds

Bail Unit Bail Bonds provides Carson Bail Bonds 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our Carson Bail Bondsman are on standby close to the Carson Jail to provide the fastest service possible. Contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds at (310) 605-4200 for Immediate assistance in the Carson Jail.

Bail Unit Bail Bonds in Carson, CA understands that having a love one arrested in the Carson Jail is an embarrassing situation for most families, Therefore Bail Unit Bail Bonds provides the most professional and Confidential Bail Bonds service in Carson, CA and Los Angeles County. Rest assured that our Carson Bail Bondsman will treat you with the upmost respect and comprehension. We realize this may be the first time dealing with this bitter situation. Please allow Bail Unit Bail Bonds the opportunity to gain your trust by providing the fastest most reliable Carson Bail Bonds Servicee.

Carson Sheriff’s Station & Carson Jail

The Carson Sheriff’s Station is located in the southwest region of Los Angeles County, The Carson Sheriff Station’s jurisdiction includes the City of Carson, Dominguez Hills, California State University, UCLA Harbor General Hospital along with the unincorporated areas in Gardena, Torrance, Rancho Dominguez and West Compton. Zip codes covered by the Carson Sheriff’s Station 90220, 90221, 90222, 90223,90224, 90247, 90248, 90249, 90277, 90278, 90745, 90746, 90749, 90810.

Carson Sheriff’s Station & Carson Jail
21356 S. Avalon Blvd.
Carson, CA 90745
Phone: (310) 830-1123
Bail Bonds in Carson: (310) 935-3001

Carson Jail

The Carson Jail is located inside the Carson Sheriff’s Station. Anyone arrested in the areas describe above will be taken to the Carson Jail for Booking and Processing. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the Carson Jailer’s workload. This process must be completed before a Bail Bond can be posted. The faster you contact us the faster we can provide Carson Bail Bonds Service to you. Once the booking process is completed at the Carson Jail and the Carson Bail Bonds have been posted, the release time from the Carson Jail is about 1-2 hours.

Bail Bonds in Carson Jail

Our Carson Bail Bondsman have many years of experience bailing out people from the Carson Jail. They are very familiar with the way the Carson Jail System works and are available 24 hours 7 days a week. If anyone you know is arrested at the Carson Jail, please Contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds immediately at (310) 605-4200 to get the Carson Bail Bonds process started.  Servicio de Fianzas en Espanol.

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“Why can’t all the other bail bond companies be like Bail Unit Bail Bonds? These guys make everything so easy, from their clearcut explanations to their huge network of bail bond agents and lightning-quick speed. If you’re going to bail someone out from a California Jail, Bail Unit Bail Bonds should definitely be your first choice.” Tracy M.

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