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Bail Unit Bail Bonds understands that the Arrest and Booking Process, as well as the Bail Bond Process can cause an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, and confusion for those arrested as well as for friends and family. To help give you knowledge and confidence during such trying periods, Bail Unit Bail Bonds has complied this short guide to provide you with the information you need about women who are Arrested in Los Angeles County. For any more questions please Contact Bail Unit Bail Bonds at: (877) 224-5177

The LA County Arrest Process

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) may arrest a woman suspected of committing a crime. Should this happen, the woman will be detained by the Police, read her Miranda rights, and transported—most commonly—to Lynwood Jail for processing and booking.

When being arrested, the most important thing to remember is to fully cooperate with the police. As so many high-speed car chases on the evening television news have shown, refusing to cooperate with the police will only make matters worse. For those women arrested, it is important to remember the following guidelines:

  • Remain civil, calm, and polite.
  • Do not attempt to flee or evade arrest.
  • Ensure that the arresting officers can see your hands at all times.
  • Do not provide a false identity.
  • Never touch or assault the arresting officers.
  • When asked by the arresting officers, honestly answer whether you have any weapons, needles or sharp objects on your person.

When placed under arrest, the arrestee will be placed in handcuffs and transported to Jail, otherwise known as a booking facility. Women arrested in LA County will most likely be taken to the LASD Century Station in Lynwood, otherwise known as the Lynwood Jail. However, it is possible that women will be booked and processed at a local City Jail, and then transferred to Lynwood Jail at a later date.

The LA County Booking Process

Booking for females is the process by which an arrested women is processed into the system. The process is mandatory and must be completed before a arrestee can even attempt to arrange Bail. Perhaps most frustratingly, the booking process can take significant time, especially in larger jails and booking facilities (like Century Station). Those going through the booking process can expect the following:

  • Giving personal information. A female arrestee will be asked for her name, address, phone number, Social Security number, and next of kin.
  • Being photographed. A female arrestee will have her mug shot taken.
  • Surrendering property. A female arrestee will give her personal belongings to a jail employee and receive a receipt in return.
  • Fingerprinting. A female arrestee will have her fingerprints taken and matched with her personal information. These data are then entered into a federal database in order to check for any outstanding charges, warrants, or connections to unsolved cases.
  • Body search. The extent of the body search will depend on many factors, and could range from a pat down—such as what one might expect when passing through airport security—to a full cavity search. In any event, a female arrestee will only be searched by a female police officer or Jail employee.

After Booking

Once the arrestee has completed the booking process,Jail personnel will lead her to a Jail cell where she will remain until she is (a) bailed out, (b) released on her own recognizance, or (c) summoned to appear before a judge. During this time, she will have the opportunity to make a phone call, which will allow her to begin working with friends and family to post a Bail Bond for her release.

It is important to provide some essential information when calling someone about posting a Bail Bond. Because it is impossible for someone to contact a arrestee by phone while she is being held, a arrestee should be sure to mention the following information:

  • Her full name and date of birth.
  • The name of the Jail where being held. For women, this will typically be Lynwood Jail.
  • The Bail Amount, if known. The arrestee should confirm the bail amount, whether she wants to be bailed out.
  • What should be done to make arrangements for any children, pets, or employment issues.

Jail on the Inside

Let’s face it: Jail is no one’s idea of a enjoyable place. However, while there may be a certain truth to how Jails are portrayed in literature, on television, and in the movies, women should understand the facts and realities of what the Jail experience is really like.

For the most part, most of the Women Arrested in Los Angeles have not been arrested for violent crimes. More often than not, the women sitting in Los Angeles Jails have been arrested for non-violent crimes such as drug possession, theft, prostitution, fraud, etc. For those arrested for violent crimes, the crimes committed are typically against known victims such as spouses, boyfriends, and other family members. Of course, while a Jail is by no means a safe haven, neither is it an eminently dangerous place.

Above all, a arrestee should remember that she will be placed in a cell with people are unknown to her. Given close quarters and the stress involved in such a situation, she should remain civil, reserved, and friendly. She should refrain from acting or speaking in a way that might provoke or escalate a conflict, such as making derogatory comments or claiming that she does not deserve to be placed with the others being held.

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